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With the advent of advanced technology, mechanical operations have stepped-up on the highly sophisticated management operations with the aid of computers. Construction projects scheduling of men, machine and purchasing activities strictly adhere to PERT/CPM program focused on the critical path method. Under this system, each separate operation required to complete a project were itemized including the time duration in relation with other works. By this means, the most critical item or work that may cause delay could be identified ad immediately acted upon by the construction manager.

In planning, the logical sequence of the job to be performed must be formalized nder the following considerations:

  1. The logic of its sequence must be reviewed for correctness.
  2. A further review should be entertained to ascertain that all phases of works should appear.
  3. That the scope of work is correctly interpreted.

Resources which are required in performing each job must be in placed and available when needed. Resources can be in time, manpower, equipment, facilities, and money.  Management must review the plans and the resource requirements and the select a project plan that offers the best for the project.

The objectives in planning are

  1. To represent graphically the specific job and the proper sequence of the job.
  2. To establish a medium for estimating the time, manpower or other resources necessary for each job.
  3. To have available sequential arrangement of the jobs, an accurate estimate of resources and the alternative pans based on the scope of works.

Scheduling is only secondary to planning. It is a process of allocating calendar dates to jobs based on the approved plan. General time boundaries are determined for each job during the process of planning.

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