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What is Construction Management?

Construction Management is the art and science of handling construction projects. The main aim of which is to deliver the project at the shortest time, the lowest cost possible and within or beyond the required quality requirements and specifications.Construction management involves identifying the deliverable or the objectives of the project, estimating the required resources and manpower, planning the strategies and methods of construction, monitoring and supervising the actual construction and turning-over the project to the client.

One of the main tools of construction company in management is planning. Developing a very effective and realistic plan is very important for the success of the management effort. For construction company dealing with large scale projects, planning is a very complicated process which involves coordinating within different departments and requires the use of advanced planning software such as Primavera and Ms-Project.

What to Manage in House Construction / Building Construction?

Construction is a complicated process. As such, all items that affects the success of the construction project needs to be manage.

Fist and foremost is Time. The golden saying states the “Time is Gold”. For every building contractors, all projects have a definite start date and a target completion date. The allocation of just enough time for each activity in the web of other construction activities need s to be handled strategically to ensure timely completion of the Project.

The Cost which is the bloodline of every project also needs to be manage. Use of skilled accountants by house builders on this matter will be of great help. Although allocating proper fund distribution throughout the construction duration will be the job of the Project Manager.

Materials needed for the Project should also be properly scheduled for time delivery and installation. Storage area must be prepared in advance if they will not be immediately installed after delivery. Quantities should be properly reviewed to avoid wastage and double delivery.

Manpower and Equipments in the Project also needs to be handled properly. Mobilization and demobilization must be keep on a minimum number. Numbers of workers and equipment should be kept on mostly constant level within the duration of construction. Builders and contractors should also ensure that the skills of the worker should match his responsibility and his work.

Others aspect of construction such as the contract, the safety of the workers and civilians within the project premises, and the quality of the works also needs proper attention and management. In a construction project, all things should be managed. All of these aspects must coincide properly with each other with each other. House builders should understand that failure of any of the aspect may mean failure of the whole construction process.

Who can manage a house construction or building construction?

Anybody can manage a project. The real question is who can manage building construction properly and effectively.

Construction company in the Philippines usually have a management team for every project that they have. This team is headed by a Project manager and have a supporting staff ranging from sub-managers, technical staffs and site supervisors. Other house builders in the Philippines have a central management team in their central office and only send a representative at the project for verification and site supervision. Other private house builders choose to manage the construction themselves, only hiring a foreman to help in supervision and manpower management.

Choosing the right person to manage a construction project will depend on its scope and deliverable. The bigger and more complicated the project is, the more experienced and qualified person is required. It is always advisable to hire an established construction company or building contractors to handle the management of the construction project. An inexperienced manager may put your project to ruin and waste all your hard earned money.

Construction Management is Different

Project construction has always been regarded as a unique one time operation designed to accomplish a specific set of objectives. Comparatively, Project Construction Management differs much from management of more traditional activities because of its limited time framework.

Most house construction and building construction projects have certain elements in common. They often involved considerable cost involving large number of activities that must be carefully planned and coordinated, if the project is to be completed within a specified time, cost and performance guidelines. Goals must be established, priorities must be set, task must be identified and time estimate must be made. Resource requirements must be projected and budget must be prepared. Once the project got started, progress must be monitored closely if achievement of the objectives is to be attained.

Construction management, consider time as the controlling factor of all available resources from money, materials, manpower, facilities and equipments. Thus, with the perplexing construction activities involved, project managers need a right kind of tools where to base his decisions toward an effective construction management –            PERT/CPM is the answer. PERT/CPM is a technique used for planning and coordinating projects especially large scale.

We at Top-Notch Construction Company As a responsible house builders and contractors, we at Top-Notch Construction Company ensures proper and effective management of all our construction projects. Hiring a competent and competitive project managers is one of our main priorities. We always strive for first-class quality construction while keeping the cost low and delivering your requirements on time.

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