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General Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer design only, design and build and build only services.
We design and construct both residential and commercial structures.

How do i start?

If you already have designs produced by an architect, just give us a copy of the plans and well give you a free estimate from there.
If you still don’t have a design, then you need to avail first of our conceptual design service for a minimal fee which is deductible from the construction cost once the project is awarded to Top-Notch Construction.

How much is the cost?

Average construction cost range varies from 35K up per sqm. Top-notch however do not provide costing based on area method  as it is most of the time inaccurate. We recommend that a design be drawn first before we provide the costing. That is because the cost of construction varies mainly due to the lay-out and facade design and they must be done first before we can provide an accurate costing.

How about the permits?

Included in our construction package are the following;
– Design and Documentation
– Securing building permit from the city goverment
– Securing construction permit from the subdivision
– All required Barangay clearances
– Water and Electricity Applications

What materials do you use?

In basic construction materials, Top-notch only specifies top-of-the-line brands. For finishing materials, the owner will be the one to choose what kind of finishes he wants to use with the assistance of our architect.

Why should i choose Top-Notch?

Cost, Quality, Expertise and Customer Service. We have been around since 2009 and our continued existence is due to the level result that we provide as well as the integrity that we develop throughout the years.