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Interior finishing refers to the materials put on the flooring, ceiling, and wall that serve as a final touch during construction. These are materials that are seen after the house construction is completed. Interior finishing also includes lighting and plumbing fixtures as well as carpentry works such as cabinets, it might also included furniture, fixtures, appliances and kitchen equipments.

Interior finishing is the biggest factor the determine the unit cost of the house per square meter. For the flooring, the finishes can either be vinyl, ceramic, granite, laminated, wood parquet and carpet .The cost of which varies on by a big margin. For ceiling, the most popular materials which is used today are gypsum board and fiber cement board. Gypsum board is easy to install and fire resistant while fiber cement board is fire and water resistant, tougher but a little harder to install. Painting is the most common finish for ceiling and wall, other options includes wallpaper, wood laminate, carpet, granite, pebbles and many more.

It is important to use only quality materials for interior finishing as it will be a big factor in the maintenance cost of your home. Skilled workers are also must to ensure proper application of finishing materials.  Engaging a registered contractor to do the work will also save you money and a lot of troubles.

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