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The Foundation Works

The earth underlying the building of man provides the ultimate support of the structure against all elements of nature. Indeed, the soil where the building stands automatically becomes a material of construction

Physically, soil is a material weaker than other common materials of construction such as steel, concrete and wood. However, for this material to carry load satisfactorily, a greater area or volume soil is necessarily required. Loads that are being carried by steel, concrete and wood has to be transmitted to the ground, but it need a transfer device called foundation.

Foundation has its purpose. To transmit the collective building load to the soil in such a way that the supporting soil will not be overstressed and will not undergo deformation that may cause serious building settlement.

A structural foundation performs properly only if the supporting soils behave properly. Building support is provided by a soil foundation system, which is an inseparable combination. Considering that soil foundation system is responsible for providing support for the lifetime of a building, all forces that may act over that time period must be considered. For a building to last, its foundation must be considered for the worst conditions that may develop.

If your budget for house construction is a little tight, consider taking savings from other parts of the construction such as finishing materials. Never ever sacrifice the quality of structural works specially the foundation because when it fails it cannot be fixed, the only solution is to demolish the structure and build another one.

In Top-Notch Construction, we provide extra effort to ensure that the foundation of your home are designed within the national standards and build strictly with the right details.

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