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Specification is an integral part of a building plan. It is a requirement in securing building permit in the Philippines. It is a precise, explicit statement or enumeration of particulars as to size, shape, equality, color, manner and procedures of making things right. It is presented in a short, simple, concise and direct language easily understood.

A good engineering specification, by itself, does not necessarily imply that all parts of construction specification actually meet the listed targets and tolerances. Actual result of construction or service involves inherent variation of output. With a normal distribution, the tails of construction may extend well beyond plus and minus three standard deviations from the process average.

The process capability of materials and products needs to be compatible with the specified engineering tolerances. Process controls must be in place and an effective Quality management system, such as Total Quality Management, needs to keep actual production within the desired tolerances.

Effective enforcement of a specification is necessary for it to be useful.

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