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REINFORCE CONCRETE FOR STRUCTURAL FRAME. Reinforce concrete is a composite material in which concrete’s relatively low tensile strength and ductility are counteracted by the inclusion of steel reinforcement having higher tensile strength. It can withstand catastrophic loading and with lesser movement of structures, buildings have a longer life expectancy.  Industry studies also prove that compared to steel construction, concrete buildings have decreased heating and cooling expenses and also have a good acoustic performance.  Concrete is also naturally fire-resistant, concrete buildings typically qualify for reduced fire insurance rates on fire coverage. It also weather-tight, requires lower maintenance and has greater resale value than other structures. Offer comes with fifteen (15) years warranty against structural defects.

POLYGLASS TORCH APPLIED MEMBRANE FOR WATERPROOFING offers excellent stability at high & low temperatures. Higher tear & impact resistance & excellent elasticity even at low temperatures than other membranes are excellent quality prefabricated elastoplastomeric waterproofing membranes. They are made up of a compound of distilled bitumen modified with POLYPROPYLENE equipped with a particular reinforcement of non-woven polyester filament, stabilised with longitudinal glass wire. The reinforcement guarantees excellent mechanical characteristics and a lengthened breaking point. The special compound guarantees high flexibility at low temperatures. The quality is assured by the application of sophisticated production technology.

PUYAT STEEL FOR ROOFING , the creator of the first world – class GI roofing in the country today, asserts its superiority over other GI roof which are products of the traditional flux-type galvanizing. Puyat Steel Corporation’ts APO Galfan, being a product of the country’s pioneering Non-Oxidizing Furnace (NOF) Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL), is clearly way ahead of the traditional technology which has been commonly used by the market. Comes with ten year material warranty to ensure quality manufactured products.

METAL FURRING SYSTEM FOR CEILING SUPPORT is a suspended metal frame, which allows for the direct fix of plasterboard sheets to create a smooth and seamless finish. The main advantage of the metal furring system over timber is that it’s ligther, incombustible, doesn’t rot and cannot be damaged by termite.

GYPSUM BOARD FOR INTERIOR CEILING are known to be relatively easy to install, involving little or no hassle. Being light in weight makes it easy to work with. However, being lightweight does not make it less sturdy. The material is known to be quite tough. Excellent as fire resistance material, gypsum board is often the first choice of architects while making commercial and residential buildings. Since the non-combustible core of gypsum contains 21 per cent chemically combined water, it effectively delays the transfer of heat or the spread of fire. Even post complete fire wreckage or calcinations, gypsum boards are believed to act like one heat insulating barrier. Along with fire resistance, the material is also low on smoke density! Gypsum boards has high sound absorbtion capacity are known to effectively isolate sounds and control noise pollution. These benefits of gypsum have made them a favorable reason for creating ceilings. Gypsums, being sturdy and flexible makes it a good choice for designer ceilings with excellent dimensions. The best part is that these ceilings can be easily decorated and refinished or repaired at any point of time!

HARDIFLEX FIBERCEMENT BOARD FOR EXTERIOR CEILING is durable enough to withstand varying weather conditions giving you peace of mind and it is resistant to damage caused by fire, moisture damage, and termites.

ALUMINUM BUBBLE FOIL FOR ROOF INSULATION protects the building from solar heat. Studies show, insulating roofs will reduce the inside temperature of buildings and homes by 5-15 Celsius, thereby improving the well-being of its occupants and reducing electricity consumption.

HAFELE FOR DOOR AND CABINET HARDWARES, is the leading supplier of furniture and architectural hardwares in the Philippines. Quality standards are always being improved by means of continuous further development.

MELAMINE MDF BOARDS FOR CABINETS is denser than plywood and stronger than chipboard, making melamine panels ideal for renovations and furniture manufacturing. Melamine faced boards have a laminated layer on their surface, giving an attractive finish, making them ideal in applications needing an aesthetic solution.

MAHOGANY SOLID WOOD FOR PANEL DOOR AND JAMBS Ranks among the finest woods in the world. Exceptionally stable and clear with a natural luster. Moderately coarse texture. Requires filling to achieve a class smooth surface but accepts virtually all finishes with ease. Widely praised for its response to hand tools, power tools, and all woodworking procedures.

ALUMINUM FRAME SERIES 798 FOR WINDOWS the S-798 sliding aluminium window is a luxury and versatile category which has high performance on every aspect such as window strength, wind pressure resistance, air tightness and waterproofness.

DAVIES MEGACRYL FOR INTERIOR WALL PAINTING is a great all-around paint, which is easy to apply, covers well and provides a smooth even finish. It resists dirt, stains, alkali, water, humidity, algae, mold and mildew growth and is highly durable. It is 100% acrylic, water-based, quick-drying, easy to clean up and environmentally friendly.

DAVIES SUN & RAIN SELF-PRIMING ELASTOMERIC PAINT FOR EXTERIOR WALL PAINTING is a 100% acrylic waterproof coating for concrete surfaces. It cures to form an elastic, flexible, seamless coating which adheres well to clean and well-prepared surfaces. It provides excellent weatherability protection against UV rays, resists water and atmospheric moisture and helps prevent peeling and cracking. It also covers hairline cracks and keeps them covered over time.

NELTEX BLUE FOR WATERLINE SYSTEM adheres to standard quality and passed the test  based  on PNS 65, and tested  to last for  50 years. It is designed with  longer socket for leak- free lines vs  other  brands.

NELTEX PPR PIPES FOR HOT AND COLD WATERLINE is the only PPR Piping System available in the Philippines that is tested under ISO 15874.

NELTEX SANIGUARD S600 DRAINAGE AND SANITARY PIPES conforms to the Philippine Plumbing code. Neltex Saniguard S600 is so tough that it can withstand even a direct strike of a sledge hammer!

PHELPDODGE WIRES AND CABLE, Leading wire and cable manufacturer in the Philippines. The only Philippine manufacturer of wires and cables to receive UL approval.

GE CIRCUIT BREAKERS. The global leader in electrical infrastructure. The most trusted brand in the Philippines for circuit breakers.

PANASONIC OUTLETS AND SWITCHES.  Recognized as the most durable brand in the market today.

PHILIPS LED LIGHT BULBS deliver exceptionally long life, significant energy savings, beautiful light and contain no mercury. Transform any space into a more cozy and comfortable one.

*This list presents the preferred material specifications of Top-Notch Construction. Actual material specifications may vary depending on project requirements and budget preferences.

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