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Tool is defined as implements used to modify raw materials for human use. It is considered as extension of the hand thereby increasing its speed, power ad accuracy regarded as man’s partner in his struggle for survival.

The use of tool is not exclusively a human trait because certain insects, birds and mammals also use tools, but tool making is exclusively of human characteristics. Authorities believed that the ability of tool making distinguishes man from lower primates ad accord or withhold hominid status on the basis of making or not making tools.

Through the use of tools, man was able to advance their craft in making refined works as evidenced by many existing magnificent art and structures past and present. Comparatively, works of the past builders could be as far behind that of the present in terms of quality and time of work involved. The difference could be attributed mainly to the kind of tools used and technology applied. Thus, the advantages derived in working with good tools are efficiency, accuracy, quality of work and speed of work.

Construction tools can be categorized into six functional groups; striking tools, cutting tools, boring tools, torsion tools, measuring tools and holding tools. Construction tools maybe also classified according to the different kinds of trade involved, namely; Carpentry tools, Masonry tools, Tinsmith tools, Painters tools, Plumbing tools and electrical tools.

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