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Why methods of Construction Companies Differ?

Home builders and Contractors adopts different set of methods in building and house construction. Small construction company tends to favor the used of light and disposable tools and equipments that are low cost and easier to purchase due to capital considerations. Big and established construction company favors the used of heavier and quality wised tools and equipments that last longer although purchased at an extra prices. Established contractors rely on the long term benefits of the tools on its continued used for the upcoming projects. As such, capital availability of the contractor is one factor that affects his construction methods.

Structural Works

House construction starts from the foundation works. Construction of lower floors should precede the construction of upper floors, obviously because gravity is going downward and nothing will support the upper floors when it is constructed before the lower floor was completed.  This is one of the basic rule of construction, start from the bottom going up and not the other way around.

Structural works is a major component of house and building construction. It involves three major item of works which can be approved with different methodologies. Concrete is achieved by mixing cement, gravel and sand at a specified ratio that will bring the desired strength. Certain time constraint must be observed during mixing and curing of concrete. For small scale projects, manual mixing is preferred due to cost considerations and the low level of risk that the project may post. For large scale construction projects, use of ready mixed concrete along with the concrete pump may give the contractors a lot of cost saving. Ready mixed concrete refers to concrete that is mixed in the plant and delivered by truck mixer to the construction site which can be poured manually or with the use of concrete pump. Besides the financial consideration, ready mixed concrete also provides a high level of accuracy and assurance to the level of concrete strength. Form-works refer to the materials and corresponding supports that hold and mold the concrete during pouring. Plywood and phenolic board are the two major types of formworks being used today. Supports can either be a coco-lumber, a steel scaffolding, a pipe bracings, an alumna bracings or a combination of these. Choosing formworks materials will defend on the nature of the builders, the scale of the project, the budget involved and the knowledge of workers assigned to the work. Steel is the third component of structural works. In large scale construction, it is advisable for the contractors to utilize all necessary tools such as rebar cutter and bending machine to enhance the work productivity and efficiency.

See roofing works for roofing types and details.

Masonry Works

For masonry, options are load bearing and non-load bearing chb (concrete hollowblocks). Which type is more practical and economical is still up for debate. Load bearing chb are studier than non-load bearing. Construction company involves in mass housing usually prefer the use of load bearing chb, in this way they can reduce cost but eliminating the need for columns. Other contractors also use  precast concrete wall which is about 3″ thick for economical purposes, although use of such material is only practical for mass housing construction. Most of home builders in the Philippines preferred the used of non loading chb and put the weight of the structure on columns for a more reliable structural stability. Columns is considered more safe in securing the building during seismic activities or earthquakes.

Finishing works are the items that are seen by the eyes once the project is completed. As such, the installation process must be planned carefully and workers must be skilled enough to handle their corresponding works. This stage of house construction is where construction companies can expedite the work by adding additional manpower. Finishing works can be done on many different orders and can also be done simultaneously if time is of major concern. There is however an ideal order of works to increase efficiency and reduce wastage and double work. See construction planning for ideal order of finishing works.

The Home Builders‘ Commitment

Whatever methodology a construction company choose, it is important the the safety and quality of the structure are not overlook. Top-Notch Construction, as a responsible contractor and home builders, continually studies and improves its construction methodology to obtain ways on how to further improve quality of work and at the same time lower the cost of operation. We use modern engineering software such Primavera Project Planner & Ms Project to aide us in scheduling and project management. We work only with highly skilled foreman and construction supervisor that will deliver your requirements at optimum level.

There are many ways to build a house, each with different cost, it is our task to ensure that you will get the best out of your hard earned money. We use methods best suited to your project that will deliver it at minimum cost. We also designate multiple hold points during the course of construction to check and review the quality of work, in this way we can guarantee that you will receive only the first class quality construction services that we committed and at the price that you will find affordable.

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