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Why methods of Construction Companies Differ?Home builders and Contractors adopts different set of methods in building and house construction. Small construction company tends to favor the used of light and disposable tools and equipments that are low cost and easier to purchase due to capital considerations. Big and established construction company favors the used of heavier and quality wised tools and equipments that last longer although purchased at an extra prices. Established contractors rely on the long term benefits of the tools on its continued used for the upcoming projects. As such,...

Construction Planning

What is Planning?Planning is an art, and the art of planning exist only among human beings. This power to be able to plan distinguishes man from the other members of the animal kingdom.Planning is a philosophy. Looking ahead is way of thinking, a concern about the future effects today’s actions. Planning involves a state of the mind that recognizes the need for orderliness and the value of direction. Individual planners may sway between optimism and pessimism, but they dare not stray too far from reality.Planning is integration. Both long and...