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What is a Prefabricated House?

Prefabricated house is basically a type of houses fabricated in parts in a factory and deliver and assembled on site.  The completed structure is usually better in quality, lower in cost and completed in a very little duration.

What are the Types of Prefabricated Buildings?

There are three types of Prefabricated buildings based on their construction methods. The modular type, the panelized type and the manufactured housing.

1. . Modular homes are constructed in the factory as modules or per room, complete with walls, floor and roof or ceiling with all the necessary finishing. A room is completed and delivered as a box component of the building. Each module will then be arranged on the site and form the entirety of the Structure.

2. Penalized type on the other hand is done by wall parts. Each face of the wall, floor or ceiling, depending on the size, will be considered as one panel. Fabricated on the factory and delivered on site to be assembled in accordance with the plans.

3. Manufacture housing is a building fully fabricated and assembled in a factory. It is delivered to the site as a whole house. Except for the foundation in which the house needs to rest, no other work is required on the site. This type of prefabricated house is limited in size by the availability of transport and site access to the construction site.

What are the advantages of Prefabricated Homes?

1. Cost – Prefabricated homes comes at a very low price compare to conventional homes. This is because the parts are made under the controlled environment of a factory and is therefore more proficient. Wastage is also minimize because cut parts are usually used on other models.

2. Time – Prefabricated houses can be completed at a super fast duration compare to conventional homes. This is because some of the parts are already readily available even before the order is made. Nonetheless, prefab construction is faster because of the advantage brought by controlled factory setting in most of the required job.

3. Quality – Prefab houses provides superior quality which cannot be seen in conventional homes. Standardization of works and methods of fabrication and construction is only feasible under controlled factory settings which provide quality level unseen in conventional homes.

4. Mobility – Prefabricated houses can be disassembled and relocated on another area. This gives the homeowner a new level of flexibility in owning a real estate property.

6. Eco-Friendly – Prefabricated houses produce less waste than conventional houses. This is mainly because houses is made in a single location and surplus materials is easily transferable to other models under production.

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