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Planning Considerations in Construction


A plan of a house or any structure is also the designer’s prescription based on the requirements of the client. A conceptual plan is a visual presentation of conceptual ideas supported by mathematical calculations aimed at giving convenience and comfort to the users or occupants. A good plan is judged based on its functionality and economy adhering to the principles of “Form Follow Functions”.


Refers to the placement, location and arrangement of each room in relation with each other like between kitchen and dining which primarily requires accessibility on food servicing. These areas are interrelated and should not be far from each other.


Like roads and highways, traffic is also present inside the building that must be considered in planning. Circulation and movements of the occupants inside the building should not be hampered by any obstacles nor be detoured as a result of poor planning.

Light and ventilation

There is no substitute for a good daylight and fresh natural air entering and circulating inside the building. Artificial lighting and ventilation is very costly.

Sizes, areas and shapes

All design are intended for human use and therefore should be planned according to human scale. Good design always provide ample areas to accommodate furniture, appliances, and other related facilities including the most critical and important lanes or pathways for routinary movements inside the house. The shape as to plan and elevations should be strictly functional, not fancy in character.


Refers to the position and direction of the sunrise and sunset including the prevailing wind directions in the area. A brief nap or rest at mid day or in the afternoon is normally done in the bedroom. Thus, bedroom should not be oriented facing the afternoon sun. The kitchen, laundry and bathroom is better oriented west for sunlight kills many types of bacteria.

Zoning Laws

The soning ordinance should be consulted first before deciding on the final site of the house or building. You might be constructing your residential house on an industrial or commercial zone.


A moderate high ceiling allows fresh air circulations, comfortable atmosphere, ad preserved aesthetic value of the room. Room with low ceiling has warm atmosphere that requires artificial ventilation.

Electrical layout

The location of convenience outlet should be planned simultaneously with the appliances to be placed on. The extension wire for appliances is the most unsightly obstacle in the room due to improper location of convenience outlet. A satisfactory electrical layout and installation is when you avail of its services without the need of an extension cord. The location and accessibility of light switches is another thing of important consideration. It should be installed near the door of every room for convenience in switching-in and switching-off when entering and leaving the room respectively.

Location of doors

When a door becomes an obstacle creating inconveniences to the occupant that is the time we realized the mistake of not analyzing its proper position from early stage of planning.


Although superstition has no page in the book of contemporary architecture, if your client believes and insist that his life success depends o luck brought about by his superstitious belief, then the planner have no choice but to do what his client say.

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