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What is House Renovation?
House renovation refers to altering or making changes to the existing building or structure in order to improve its appearance or to suit certain requirements of the homeowner. House renovation may includes minor improvement works such as painting or tiling works and major works such as house extension.

Renovation may also include house restoration which is the process of bringing back the old house back to its useable state. This will include stripping down the existing house of its old or damage parts and replacing it with new ones.

Cost of House Renovation
The cost of house renovation will depend largely on the scope and details of works to be done. Cost estimation using the area method is hard to employ in house renovation estimate. The house contractor must determined first the requirements of the owner, draw a plan and subdivide the scope into manageable details in order to come up with an accurate cost estimate or proposal.

The house contractors must also include in his computation the cost of restoration of possible damages to the exiting structure as well as the protection to be provided to the existing building while the renovation is on-going.

Choosing the right house renovation contractors / builders
In choosing a house renovation contractors, the homeowner must keep in mind that the location of the contractors will play a major role in the success of the project. House renovation, generally, is usually of small scope. As such, paying a huge mobilization fee for a far-away construction company may not be practical. Homeowners can also easily check the previously completed construction projects of a house builders nearby. The contractors will also be readily available for repairs and corrections during the warranty period of the project.

Contractors who provide a more detailed estimate must also be given prior considerations. This will mean that the construction company is more knowledgeable and experienced for the subject project. A detailed estimate will also prevent misunderstanding between the homeowner and construction company during the construction phase.

Permits needed
Depending on the scale and type of renovation, a building permit may be required by local authorities. Small scale renovation such as painting or tile-setting will not be required to secure a building permit. However, when a house renovation includes structural and electrical works, then a building permit is definitely required. When the property is inside a subdivision premises, a construction permit from a developer or homeowners association is usually required before the renovation can be started. The subdivision administrators will in-turn determine whether the renovation works will need a building permit from the municipal authorities or not.

Furthermore, additional electrical loads in house renovation will also force the construction contractors to increase the feeder wire coming from the Meralco line. Meralco on the other hand will require an electrical permit form the local authorities which in-turn will require a certificate of occupancy before approving the electrical permit. Certificate of Occupancy certifies that a house renovation complies with the local codes and regulations. In simple terms, it will mean that the home builders follow the approved plans included in the building permit. If during the construction stage, the homeowner have decided not to follow the plans and build a different structure, then he may have problems securing a certificate of occupancy and will not be able to upgrade the electrical connections to suit his requirements.

Guidelines for House Renovation
The process of renovation can be mind bending. Starts with design/ planning, looking for contractors, and hiring the best contractor to do the job. You also need to look for a temporary residence while renovation in your home is ongoing. Staying at your home during renovation might not be good to your health specially your children.

It is good to keep in mind that there are instances where renovation is more expensive than new construction because of the demolition work involved as well as the retouching of existing structure/finishes. It is best to engage the service of engineers during planning stage to ensure that you come up with a beautiful yet practical and economical design.

It is also advisable to schedule the renovation works during dry seasons. This will maximize the productivity of workers and will prevent unnecessary damages to your home due to water leaks.

Your Choice of House Builders
House renovation is one of the fields that Top-Notch Construction Company specializes with. We love to deal with high-end residential and commercial renovation works. First-class quality result is always our end-game.

We are an honest and reliable house and building contractor that you can trust. Quality is not just our commitment, its our lifestyle. We guarantee quality construction at affordable price.

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