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"Success is always under construction"

Over the course of several years and following a series of professional tenures in various strategic roles within different companies, Engineer Ruben Quintal Jr. made the pivotal decision to embark on his entrepreneurial journey by founding his own contracting enterprise. In the year 2009, the establishment known as Top-Notch Construction emerged, commencing its operations with a modest staff of only two individuals, comprising Engineer Ruben and his spouse, Donnabel. Their initial office, situated at Block 8 Lot 58 Lakersfield Homes in Kawit, Cavite, was, in fact, their own residence.


With limited financial resources at their disposal, Top-Notch Construction initially focused on accepting small-scale renovation and fit-out projects. Notably, the company’s dedication to delivering personalized and exceptional services resulted in a steady increase in the number of these smaller assignments. In the span of just six months, Top-Notch welcomed the addition of a new employee, Engineer Arvin, to manage technical aspects of the projects. Within a year, the enterprise decided to relocate its office to a new address at B7L27 Lakersfield Homes, Kawit, Cavite, while also expanding its workforce to encompass five individuals. Furthermore, the company acquired a nearby property for the purpose of storing construction materials and equipment.


The year 2011 marked a significant milestone for Top-Notch as it secured its first major construction project—a three-story residence with a roof deck situated in the South Caloocan area. This accomplishment was soon followed by a series of similarly sized projects.


In 2013, Top-Notch Construction underwent another transition, relocating its office to a commercial complex at 206 Lolo Berong Building, Nueno Avenue, Imus, Cavite. Concurrently, the number of employees grew to seven, and additional small properties and delivery vehicles were procured to accommodate the burgeoning volume of materials and equipment.

The year 2016 saw Top-Notch Construction evolve from a single proprietorship to a corporation under the name of 1st Top-Notch Construction Corporation. The company’s project portfolio expanded significantly, and the staff complement grew to over 30 employees. To manage its burgeoning operations, various departments were established, and operational and documentation processes were updated to cater to the increasing customer base.


Simultaneously, the number of residential properties within the Lakersfield Subdivision, previously utilized by Top-Notch for storage purposes, expanded to six. In response to concerns from subdivision residents about commercial use of residential properties, Top-Notch opted to relocate all its inventory by creating a hardware store located at Lot1109E Advincula Road Pag-asa 3 Imus City Cavite, thus giving rise to Top-Most Hardware Corporation. This hardware entity began supplying a wide array of construction materials and subsequently established a branch in Angono, Rizal in 2023.


Recognizing the need to accommodate their growing projects in Rizal and Metro Manila, Top-Notch inaugurated a branch in Quezon City, strategically located at Unit 212 P&S Building, 717 Aurora Boulevard, just opposite Robinsons Magnolia in 2017.


In 2018, faced with challenges in maintaining highly skilled carpenters and growing demand for glass and aluminum works, Top-Notch Construction initiated the formation of Top-Work Builders Corporation. This subsidiary was tasked with consolidating and managing the necessary skilled workforce and the production of modular cabinets as well as glass and aluminum products for Top-Notch Construction projects.


In 2019, due to an increasing number of projects in the Laguna area, Top-Notch expanded its reach by establishing a branch office in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.


The year 2021 witnessed the opening of Top-Notch Construction’s Bulacan branch, located at Unit 2K Lucky Place Building, M. Villarica Rd., Sta. Rosa 1, Marilao, Bulacan.


In a testament to its dedication and achievements, Top-Notch Construction received prominent recognition in 2022 when it was honored as the best leading construction company in the Philippines by the Golden Globes Annual Awards for Business Excellence.


In 2023, Top-Notch Construction continued its expansion into Pampanga, inaugurating a new branch in the region located at Unit G ETM Building Don Boni Ave., Pulung Maragul Angeles City, Pampanga.


Furthermore, the year 2023 marked the establishment of Top-Notch House Development Corporation, a subsidiary tasked with managing the development aspect of Top-Notch Construction’s business operations.

As of the present year, 2023, the head office of Top-Notch in Imus, Cavite has expanded to encompass multiple units on the 2nd and 3rd floors of Lolo Berong Building. The company now boasts a workforce of over 50 employees, including a cadre of accomplished architects, designers, and managers. Additionally, Top-Notch maintains an impressive array of equipment and numerous delivery vehicles. The organization has consistently recruited top-performing individuals, further enhancing the efficacy of its operations.


Engineer Ruben, the visionary behind this journey, remains resolute in his belief that the path to success in the construction industry is an ongoing process. As such, Top-Notch maintains a culture of perpetual research and improvement, constantly striving to enhance its products and services and deliver increasingly exceptional results to its valued clientele. In the world of Top-Notch, the commitment to providing nothing less than the very best endures as a timeless principle.